Degradable Material

E-commerce Platform

  • ChaShao (Shanghai) New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Anhui BBCA Biochemical Co., Ltd., which was established in Shanghai in 2020.


    ChaShao Tech is based on the concept of Internet +, through the operation of bio-based SAAS industry B2B/B2C trading platform – Jururu, featuring five major modules of Internet e-commerce, industry information, industry chain marketing, and new material technology support as service, and vigorously develops the international trade industry of biodegradable polylactic acid (PLA) raw materials and PLA related products. Relying on the Internet, cloud computing and big data technology, ChaShao Tech provides customers with full-process, one-stop trade services such as trade, commodity inspection, customs clearance, and logistics.


    BBCA Biochemical has been vigorously developing the biomaterial industry for many years , and is the third company in the world and the first company in China to produce PLA with the whole industrial chain. It is now in production with 150,000 tons/year Lactic Acid and 100,000 tons/year PLA.By mid 2022, the company will develop the PLA production capacity to 400,000 tons/year and will become the world's largest poly lactic acid production industry.


    Relying on the strong background of BBCA Biochemical, ChaShao Tech has established extensive trade relations with domestic and foreign manufacturers and enterprises in the degradation industry, and has launched a number of business cooperation, providing  efficient and fast business services for domestic and foreign enterprises.